career options: do they include PhD? I don't know...

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career options: do they include PhD? I don't know...

Сообщение NickFury » Сб май 26, 2018 17:08


This is minimally related to my previous post about needing personal business cards as I am jumping ship from my current employer for job security/stability reasons (most of us can see it coming, and many are getting out now...another long story).
So out of the blue, my husband (the most OMG awesome supportive person in my universe, BTW) says "why not go back & do your PhD? You're always happiest doing research and you love to teach, so why not?"
I can think of about a thousand 'why nots', but I have just now started thinking about the 'why's'.
Anyone here who has:
a) spent time in industry / engineering (I'm an ME)
b)found that she or he is happiest doing research, also loves teaching
c) has done the leap to PhD
how has that worked out for you?

Please help.

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