no job, no education, mental health issues, 70k in debt. Wha

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no job, no education, mental health issues, 70k in debt. Wha

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I've gotten over the point of freaking out. I do that often enough, so that right now while writing this post I am not. One thing to note, I am in Canada, which has a large effect on some of these things (free healtcare, student loan bankruptcy laws for example)
I have 45k in non-bankruptable debts (student loans), 15k in bank loans and 10k in credit card loans. These are all 100% my fault.
I have completed 2 years of an electrical engineering degree, but it took me 5 years of failing courses, barely passing and taking almost 2 years off to do so. I just withdrew (for the second time) from my program, and it is unsure as to whether they will take me back at any time. Since both times were due to medical reasons, I am not as screwed as I could be.
I have been seeing a shrink for the last number of years (5), and I am currently referred for a second opinion for my diagnosis, which is cyclothymia (a mood disorder like bipolar disorder but not as severe highs or lows), moderately severe anxiety, social paranoia, an addictive personality and full-blown depression at times. These all make living a somewhat normal life very difficult, and all of the medications and therapy I have tried (including no medications) have not worked so far. I have not given up on those though.
I just lost my job, which depended on me being a student. I can finish out this week, but that's it. I have ~5 years of tech support, part-time and full-time with great recommendations, but no leads in this city. I also have not found a career I am remotely interested in.

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