Learning to golf later in life

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Learning to golf later in life

Сообщение NickFury » Сб май 26, 2018 17:12


A few years ago I joined a company where golf is a much bigger part of the company culture (and industry culture) - lots of friendly / charity / etc golf outings where some of the key networking happens within company and with key customers. I don't get the sense that most people in the company are very good at golf, but they certainly enjoy it and play a fair bit in the summer. At my seniority level, I think that probably >80% of people actively play golf. Mostly during the work week, less on weekends.
I was raised in a country where golf isn't mainstream, I never took the time to learn, but for the first time in my career, I feel that this is an inhibitor. This was never an issue in prior jobs/industries but it is in my current job and the foreseeable future.

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