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Recommended Obo Carrier Blog

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Seagoing Bulk Carriers: Purpose and General Use

There are many risks when operating seagoing bulk vessels. The most important shipboard issues need careful planning and caution. This site will provide rapid guidance to the international shipping industry and provide information about loading and discharge of various bulk cargo kinds. It is essential to stay within the limitations set out by the classification agency. It is crucial to minimize the possibility of ship structural stress, and to comply with all necessary safety measures to ensure safe passage on the sea. Our detailed pages address a variety of aspects of bulk carriers that may be of interest to those working aboard or in the terminal.

General features for seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers could be single-deck vessels. They come with top-side tanks as well as hopper side tanks. They are typically used in cargo spaces. They are built to carry bulk bulk materials. Solid bulk cargo means any kind of material that is not gas or liquid composed of granules, particles or any other larger piece of materialthat is usually uniform in composition, which is loaded directly into the cargo areas of ships without any immediate form of confinement. Dry cargo comprises sugar, bulk grains, and even ore. The bulk carrier is a ship that is primarily used to carry large or liquid cargo. This could also encompass tankers. The term is commonly used to describe ships that carry bulk goods that are solid. This could include grains as well as other agricultural products. Click over to this dry cargo ships blog for more.


What Is A Bulk-Carrier? The Following Are The Major Characteristics Of Bulk Carriers:

"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"

Carrying capacities range from 3,000 to 300,000.
-Average speed of 12-15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Small to medium-sized bulk carriers (carrying capacities up to 4000 tonnes) generally have cargo handling gear fitted and larger vessels have shore based -facilities for loading and unloading
-Cargo hold dimensions are generally large with no obstructions. They also come with larger hatches that enable easy loading and unloading.
The bulk carriers typically have one cargo hold that is designated as an ballast hold. This can also be used to increase stability during ballast journeys. Two or three additional holds are possible for ballasting partial in ports, but only
They have hydraulic, single pull or stacking (piggy- back) type steel hatch covers
-Four types or ballast tanks
Sloping topside wing tanks
Bottom side of wing tanks that are sloping
Double bottom tanks
Peak and after peak water tanks.

Bulk solid cargo? Anything that is not gas or liquid, that is composed of a mix of granules, particles or any larger pieces of material, generally of uniform composition and loaded straight into the cargo spaces without any intermediate form of containment. The bulk carriers that transport cargo comprise "clean" food items as well as "dirty" minerals. They may react with each other and with contaminants like water. This is why it is crucial to prepare the cargo spaces to accommodate the particular cargo. Cleanliness must be appropriate for the item to be loaded. It will usually require a surveyor to pass the space as suitable to load. It is vital that the remnants of previous cargo be removed to ensure that no contamination will occur. The damage to bulk cargoes is most often caused by water. The hold should be dry in order to accommodate cargo. But, hatch covers must be watertight, or sealed if necessary to keep water out. All fittings within the hold (pipe guards and the bilge covers, etc.) need to be examined. To ensure they're in good order and correctly fitted to the hold (ladders, pipe guards, bilge covers etc.) are to be checked. They can cause significant wear and tear to conveyor belts, which could cause delays. If the equipment is discharged accidentally with cargo, the ship could be held liable. Have a look at this valemax specialist for more.


Bulk Carrier, Bulker? This vessel is intended to transport dry cargo. A typical bulk carrier has a single deck, single skin and double bottom. It also contains hopper side tanks, topside tanks as well as cargo space tanks. Bulk carriers can carry any type of bulk cargo including heavy ore and light grains, up to the maximum weight. The procedure of loading, transporting and then releasing dry bulk cargo is more difficult than many people imagine.

Gearless Bulk Carrier
A lot of bulk cargoes possess dangerous properties, or can change their properties during transit. The ship could be damaged by improper loading e.g. loading a forward hold to it maximum can cause the ship to be bent. This is known as "stress?" It can result in serious implications for life at sea in extreme weather conditions. Last cargoes can also be negatively affected by residues of previous cargoes. Some bulk cargoes may also be affected by water damage. cement power. It's not easy to determine the true quantity or weight of cargoes that are loaded or discharged. These factors all can have an impact on the methods of operation for the safe transport of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? Bulk cargoes naturally form a circle when loaded onto conveyor belts. The angle of the cone, which is also known as the "angle for repose", varies with each cargo. Iron ore cargoes, however are formed by an angled cone that is steep. The cargoes that are flow free will form shallower cones. The low angles of repose can cause cargo to shift during transportation. For certain cargoes, bulldozers may be required to distribute the load across the sides of the holdings in the event that the cargo is about to be completed. Dry-bulk carriers generally have to use facilities at shore for loading cargo and discharging. But certain bulk carriers come with self-unloading facilities, such as conveyors below cargo holds or cranes up deck.
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