Дела давно минувших дней...

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Дела давно минувших дней...

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Некоторое время назад, разыскивая старое интервью Грюттера, обнаружила у себя в компе еще кое-какие материалы со старого оф.сайта. Которых там уже нет и вряд ли когда появятся...
Поразмыслив и посоветовавшись с товарищами ;), решила выложить Селин о поездке на чемпионат мира 2004г. Думаю, новичкам будет интересно, а старичкам будет повод ностальгически вздохнуть. :)

Dortmund, Stéphane and us
World Championships 2004
By Céline, adapted from the French version

Friday, March 19, 2004. Jacqueline and I arrived in Dortmund around 1pm. At that same time, Stéphane, his mom and Mr. Grütter were taking off from Geneva… The afternoon went by fast as we discovered the place of the competition. People were still working in the main arena, decorating and arranging the Kiss&Cry. "Excuse-me, can we already hang our banners or do you still have to do something here?" They didn't know what exactly we were talking about, but they soon figured out that fans never go to figure skating competitions without their banners. First one to hang in the rink: our banner for Stéphane… We then went to the other rink. Practice had started in the morning, but few skaters were already there. Around 7.30pm, who showed up? Stéphane and his mom. "We were looking for you, we saw your banners!" But there was no time to chat, they had to meet Mr. Grütter at the hotel…

Saturday, 1.40pm, first practice for Stéphane, in the main rink. The ice wasn't good: the white paint put underneath the first layer of ice (to make it look better on TV) wasn't the right one and oil had mixed with the water. "We skate on soap." Fun… And then, there was also that boot, that new boot, that hook that broke when Stéphane landed a jump. As a result, he would have to tape his boot all through the week to support the laces. Things were starting so well!… Mmmh, actually, Stéphane was quite good on the "soapy ice".
The second practice of the day, at the end of the afternoon, went even better. Very well. Stéphane was happy, and so were we. Isn't life so much nicer when everything goes the way you want?

On Sunday, Stéphane had 2 practice sessions again, the first one at 9am. Things didn't go as well as the previous day and he left the ice quite unhappy, frustrated… The draw of the starting order for the qualifications was scheduled for the beginning of the afternoon. Stéphane would be the 4th skater to take the ice. Mmmh. He was rather happy to skate early, but it could also be a disadvantage and we all knew that. But nothing could be changed anymore: when you have to do it, just do it!… At 4.50pm, Stéphane had another practice. Oy, it really wasn't his day. But we all tried to stay positive: better this happens today than tomorrow!

Monday, 6am, it was still dark, Dortmund was sleeping… Well, not quite everybody: Stéphane was stepping onto the ice, still somewhat sleepy, just like the other skaters, the coaches, just like us… Everything seemed unreal, but was there a better way to start the day than by admiring skaters? Stéphane didn't do much: if he was there, it was mostly to wake up and to put his body in motion in order to be fit 4 hours later. Some step sequences, some spins, a few jumps… As soon as he was finished, he rushed to the bus to go back to the hotel. We stayed there, in our little dream, and watched the following practice groups…
9.50am, finally! To our biggest joy, the competition was about to start. 6 minutes of warm-up, first skater, second skater, the pressure was rising. The third skater came onto the ice, Stéphane appeared a bit further. Breathe, let's not forget to breathe! Everything will be fine. Hearts were beating too fast, hands were starting to shake. And the music started… difficulties went by… Triple axel? landed! Quad toe? Landed! Pfiew! The program went on as it had started: well. GO GO GO!! Ups, little mistake on the triple salchow, not a big deal, stay concentrated! The audience wasn't big enough to carry him throughout the program, but somehow he still managed to fly… Yeah, great, continue like that Stéphane! Ending position – and a big smile! CONGRATS STEPH! What a relief!
On the way to the dressing room, everybody congratulated him, everybody was thinking that if he was to keep up this level of skating, he could be more dangerous than expected… Stéphane happily answered to the journalists, showed his "taped boot", explained what had happened and how he was feeling… A little later, totally relaxed and in a great mood, Stéphane came to the stands to watch the end of his qualifying group. His comments were hilarious, long live figure skating! The only low moment for all of us was when Patrick Meier messed up his program and ended up far behind, too far behind… Chengjiang Li skated and the group was basically over, the top spots were known. Third. Stéphane was THIRD! Wow! He had "planned" on skating the short program in the 4th or even 3rd group, he would be in the last… Stéphane went back to the hotel to eat and rest a little. We stayed for the other group and then went to the ladies practice; the group with Sarah Meier was on the ice. And who showed up all of a sudden? Stéphane, exactly! The draw for the short program had just taken place. "And guess which number I picked?!!" He didn't look happy, we knew what it meant. "Yeah, right, 30! Last to skate, once more!" Hey Stéphane, it's not the end of the world!… Tired after a long day, he went back to his hotel around 7.30pm. It didn't take much longer before we were in bed too…

After a good night of sleep, we were ready for another long day. We were hoping that Stéphane had slept just as well as we had, but since we were at the rink at 10.15am, we had to wait for another three hours before seeing him on the ice. He seemed to be in a good shape, the practice went well, which was a good sign. Stéphane, like many skaters, particularly fears the short program…
The day went by smoothly, slowly… It was eventually 6.24pm, the time for the first group of men to take the ice for their 6-minute warm-up. We enjoyed some programs and felt sorry for some "unluckier" skaters, but the main thing was that time was finally going by faster… Last group. We took a deep breath, but this time we weren't nervous. It'd be fine, we knew it. When all other skaters were finished for the day, it was Stéphane's turn to get into the spotlight. ALLEEEEEZ!!! Stéphane started his program. "Freedom", this title suited him so well! Watch out, triple axel! Yes, nailed! Quad? Utsh, get back on your feet and keep your head up! The triple flip was perfectly landed. The step sequences followed, and some incredible spins closed the program. It was over, and it had been a good performance! The marks, the rankings… Jacqueline burst into tears. "How can he be so beautiful?"
We went to congratulate our Petit Prince. The journalists were ready with their pens, papers and tape recorders, to ask some questions to Stéphane. But he first wanted to hug some people and say how happy and relieved he was, though he also was little frustrated "to have missed the easiest jump! But I enjoyed it so much, I had told myself 'have fun, enjoy every second, it's the last time you're skating this program.' I love this program so much, the whole program, each move, each element!" We didn't stay long and left him with the journalists who would finally get the answers they had been waiting for, and we went to celebrate a friend's birthday.

On Wednesday, we were at the rink at 10am to watch Sarah Meier's qualifying program. Not bad, though she later said that she wasn't happy with her performance… Between the ladies qualifications and the ice dancing practice, time flew by until 2.50pm, the beginning of the practice for the men free program. Wow! The two first groups "put us in the mood", and then it was pure bliss! 12 amazing skaters. Many journalists were there. Nobody knew where to look. 6 men on the ice at the same time, a jump here, a jump there, and spins, and step sequences… They were all flying! Stéphane was in the last group. He was singing when he arrived, when he warmed up and when he stepped onto the ice… but not when he left it! Things hadn't quite happened as he would have wanted them to. But it didn't worry us much – after two tough days of competition, he deserved to be a little less efficient for once, and we were actually happy to see it happen that day… And since it was his day off, we decided not to bother him any longer and went to watch the pairs free program…

Thursday: we knew this would be the longest day of the week, the most important maybe, and we were hoping it would end well. We arrived at the rink for the beginning of the men practice at 9.30am. Stéphane skated 2 hours later, so la la it seemed. We felt he looked a little less motivated than at the beginning of the week, probably because he was tired, and he didn't land his jump as well as he had earlier… The afternoon went by fast, thanks to the original dance: entertaining music, colorful costumes and intense programs!
6.24pm. The rink still wasn't full, though it was sold out. The first group already set the bar high. Stéphane's fan’s club arrived. After 10 hours in a bus, they were happy to finally take their seats in the Westfalenhalle. The second group skated, and it was supposed to get even better after that – but was it really possible? 15-minute break to resurface the ice for the stars who were to come: the fan's club hanged their banners, got their make-up done, opened their bottles of wine. The third group went by like in a dream. How could they do all that?… And then, and then… then it was the time to welcome the lords of the rink. The tension could be felt in the audience. The fans were encouraging their favorites. Johnny, Stéphane, Brian, Michael, Stefan, Evgeni: the 45 minutes to come were to be spectacular. Johnny Weir skated a wonderful program, and… ALLEZ STEPHANE!!!!!! Opening position. The music started. Tears were already running down my cheeks. His flamenco. THE program of the season. GO GO GO!!! We crossed our fingers, almost closed our eyes. The triple axel went fine. The quad toe – triple toe too. Just like the triple flip – triple toe. Mmmh, what the hell was he doing?!?! No way, a second quad?!?!! GO PETIT PRINCE, FLY, FLY!!!!! Stéphane was skating like in a dream. Was he still feeling the ice under his skates? All the jumps were landed, and his step sequences… oh my God, look at him! He was so happy, he looked like he wanted to scream, to sing, to kiss the judges!!! And more jumps, and… the last spins, people getting on their feet, jumping, yelling… HE HAD DONE IT!!!!! He was there, in the middle of the ice, not believing what had happened. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry, he put his hand in front of his mouth, ate his fingers. He smiled. The most genuine smile ever. He bowed – here, there, little side, journalists, fan's club… At that point, he probably couldn't remember his name, but it was clear that he didn't want to leave the ice. His ice. He had done it. The skate of his life… He reached the Kiss&Cry just in time to see his marks. Up to 5.9 for the technical mark. 5.9 IN TECHNIQUE!!! Wow! His presentation marks were lower, unbelievable! But hey, nobody will complain about that 5.9, right?!!
No time to breathe, the show had to go on… The pressure was now on the shoulders of the following skaters. Brian Joubert resisted. We couldn't stay on our seats though: sorry Mr. Weiss, we really had to go thank Stéphane! Everybody was congratulating him, he still had that beautiful smile on his face. Peter Grütter and Salomé Brunner were standing next to him, so proud, so happy, so relieved that he had been consistent all through the week. We thanked them, they thanked us, everybody thanked everyone. And then we thanked HIM, we gave him a big hug, and he explained everything: "I had been planning a second quad for a week, I only tried it at practice once though. But I didn't tell anyone about it, I didn't want someone to say 'no, don't do that, it won't work', and I'm also a bit superstitious, so I kept it for myself. And I did it! I knew I'd be fine when I stepped onto the ice, I dreamt of that last night." He's just unbelievable!… We wanted to see the end of the competition so we left him with the journalists. His coach and choreographer were still standing nearby, watching over their precious little treasure…
And what we saw were two more great performances. Stefan Lindemann let the audience carry him throughout his program: our Stéphane wouldn't get a medal, oh well. Evgeni Plushenko skated a program worth of a world champion and won once again… The competition was over. Everybody in the rink sighed, trying to come round. Just as the medal ceremony was about to start, Stéphane appeared in the stands: he went to see his fan's club, his friends, his family…
The rink was now empty. In the halls, the fan's club was patiently waiting for Stéphane who, after a live interview on a Swiss TV channel, still had to go through the doping control… Oh oh, he was coming, he opened the door… and fans assailed him with pens, pictures, magazines and cameras! Luckily he had 2 big guys around him making sure that he wouldn't suffocate, since "even Britney Spears would have been jealous!" A few minutes later, we were all in the bus of the fan's club. Stéphane was beaming with joy. He read all the texts he had received on his cell phone. "For Stéphane, hip hip hip… hurraaaaaa!" We arrived at the hotel, he went through the doors and got another ovation. He rushed to his room to take a quick shower, while people started opening bottles of Champagne. He came back, still beaming, and after a first toast, gave a little speech to thank everybody to have come to Dortmund and, more generally, to have supported him through the season… The party went by smoothly – hugs, pictures, gifts, smiles, laughs… The fan's club left, Brian Joubert arrived: and one more bottle of Champagne, one more!… And then Stéphane, in a crazy mood, started imitating other skaters. HI-LA-RIOUS!… But all good things must end, and the party was over around 3.30am. We went home, sure of having wonderful dreams, while Stéphane finished celebrating with just his best friends…

On Friday, we were still on cloud 9 when we arrived at the rink for the ladies short program. Stéphane briefly showed up among the TV commentators when Sarah Meier skated… It's the only time we saw him that day, as he then went to dinner with his fan's club and finished the evening partying with the ice dancers.

On Saturday, the ladies free program was to close the competition and again, the level was very high and it was a beautiful "fight" for the medals! Once it was over, the exhibition practice took place. All pairs were there (hard for them to improvise!) and Stéphane arrived while they were practicing. He was in a great mood: "look, I did some shopping, I bought this t-shirt, and this shirt, and also this hat! Cool, eh?!" Stéphane and shopping: a never-ending love story! He was not quite as excited when he realized that he was the only man who had showed up for practice though! All the fans present were staring at him, until Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin came back onto the ice to practice some more… Of course Stéphane hadn't prepared any exhibition program, so after a little talk with his choreographer, he decided to skate his old short program to Shakira's "Objection". He didn't need much time to put together the program again, and to the amazement of the audience, he also landed two beautiful quads! Where could he find all that energy?… After practice, he went back to the hotel to have dinner with Carolina, and then, off to the skaters' party!

On Sunday morning, there was the mandatory exhibition practice: all the skaters had to be there to rehearse the finale. And we were happy to realize that we weren't the only ones who had forgotten to change the time on their watches during the night!… As always at such rehearsals, the atmosphere was great, all the skaters totally relaxed, and the audience could therefore enjoy a very nice moment!
At 2.10pm, the lights went off in the rink, the spotlights were turned on. Daniel Weiss came onto the ice and the "warm-up" of the audience started… And here we go! The skaters followed one another, without any break between the programs. 100% pleasure, 100% emotion. Stéphane received a warm welcome and despite two falls, the crowd really seemed to enjoy his program. He's an artist, a real one, he has that in his blood!… The show went on, and we desperately tried to make time stand still, we didn't want to believe that it was almost over… it couldn't end! But there came the finale, the skaters did a last round to wave at the audience and stepped off the ice for the last time… The lights were switched on again, people left… We went to see Stéphane to wish him a nice last evening in Dortmund and a safe trip back to Switzerland. He was exhausted, but still found some time and energy to answer to an interview in English and to sign some more autographs before going to two live interviews on the French- and German-speaking Swiss channels. And then he'd go to the closing banquet… We left the rink, went to a restaurant with some friends and caught our train to Switzerland, the head full of smiles and laughs, memories forever stuck in our hearts…

Thanks to all the skaters for these unforgettable moments, thanks to all the people who turned these 10 days into a dream, and of course, thank you, a thousand times THANK YOU to you, Stéphane, for making it all even more magic! Our lives without figure skating would be dull, but figure skating without you wouldn't be that fun either!


Если у кого-нибудь еще есть старые статьи, отчеты, т.п. - предлагаю скидывать их в эту темку. Сезон окончен, самое время предаться воспоминаниям.... :)
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Старый сайт был очень добрый по отношению к Стефану. Новости писались тепло и с любовью. Где-то после ЧМ 2006 они стали официальнее.

В октябре 2003г. Стефан приезжал в Петербург к Мишину. Он и до этого с Мишиным тренировался, но это было в Лос-Анжелесе, Испании. Это была, видимо, первая поездка в Санкт-Петербург. Вот что было написано по этому поводу на оф.сайте. Может быть не все это читали.

October 22, 2003
Stéphane came back from St-Petersburg on Saturday, after a week of ups and (unfortunately) mostly downs. He trained about 2 hours a day with Alexei Mishin; it went neither too well nor too bad. The training conditions in Yubileiny aren't very good indeed, even if we could tend to think the opposite according the impressive number of skating stars that have been rising there. The city itself totally amazed Stéphane, but he didn't like the atmosphere - people looking sad and cold, just like the weather, exactly the opposite of what he needs to be happy! With so little time and not talking any Russian, Stéphane thus didn't get a chance to get used to that 'other world'... oh well, it'll go better next time!
Стефан возвратился из Санкт-Петербурга в субботу после недели удач и, к сожалению, большей частью, неудач. Он тренировался около двух часов в день с Алексеем Мишиным,это было не слишком хорошо и не слишком плохо. Условия для тренировки в Юбилейном, конечно, не очень хорошие, хотя мы склонны были предполагать противоположное, в соответствии с впечатляющим числом звезд фигурного катания, которые взошли здесь. Сам город совершенно поразил Стефана, но ему не понравилась атмосфера - народ выглядел унылым и неприветливым, также и погода была полностью противоположна той, которая нужна ему, чтобы чувствовать себя счастливым! Имея так мало времени и не говоря ничего по-русски Стефан, таким образом, не получил возможности привыкнуть к «другому миру»…ладно, это произойдет лучше в следующий раз. :roll:
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Вечер воспоминаний продолжается :)

World Championships - Moscow – March 14-20, 2005

The Little Prince has become King
Some numbers
• On Thursday night, March 17, more than sixty Swiss were in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. For Stéphane.
• At the same moment, almost one million Swiss followed Stéphane's free program live on TV.
• On Friday, March 18, there were 10425 sessions (1,311,596 hits) on the website, that's equivalent to a "normal" month. Almost 450 e-mails were sent to contact.us and ask.stephane between March 12 and 21, and it hasn't stopped since!

What Stéphane has said
"Merci, merci, merci, merci, merci..." [Thank you, thank you, thank you…]
Just after hitting the final position of his short program

"You have to give everything you have and want to prove that you are the best, that you have this rage inside you. Tonight the rage was there, I wanted to show what I can do, to be the real Stéphane, the strong Stéphane, from the first second. Before the skate I had very taut legs and I said to myself that it was going to be very, very hard, but as soon as the music began those feelings went away all by themselves and it was like in a dream."
A few minutes after his short program

"As soon as I had finished the program, I realized that I had done something great. I loved to be on this rink, to transmit something that was deep inside of me, which people have given me during these last weeks. I have worked a lot with my team and they have given me so much positive energy that I had to give something back to them here. I have a solid environment, I have strength in me. I think that, to some degree, you choose your state of mind yourself, and tonight I chose to be the best."
Later on Tuesday evening

"It's me who is on the ice, but don't forget that there is an entire team that has created Stéphane Lambiel. That's why I'm good, that's why it's going so well here. All these people have put me in the most favorable environment possible so that I can do a great performance here in Moscow. I think I'll really be able to do my very best."
Before the free program

"I'M SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! I'm so happy! Really! Pfff... Now, seeing the results on the TV, I can't believe it! It has been a week full of emotions. When I came here, I was very strong, I did a raging qualification, a raging short program, and I find myself in first place in Russia, where figure skating explodes at every championship! For me it's fantastic to be World Champion here, in front of all the great champions that were in the audience tonight. It's fabulous. Fabulous. The pressure was enormous. I noticed that Brian was very nervous too, which is rare, and it was quite difficult to skate just after him. I saw right away, according to his points, that he hadn't done such a good program. I said to myself that it shouldn't disturb me, that I had to do my own thing. No matter if he had skated good or bad, I had to attack, I had to give the best of myself, and then... World Champion, that's nice, isn't it, and in Russia! It's historic, it's great, it's fabulous, I can't believe it, and I think about all the people who have helped me. I really would like to thank them, I would like them to share this happiness with me, because alone, it would have been impossible. It's the whole team that has won these World Championships. Figure skating is a quite individualistic sport, but I can tell you that here the team has been very present during the whole week, and it's thanks to all these people that I could do a great performance. I did a couple of mistakes tonight, but the jumps that I landed were great. It is of pure happiness!"
Live on TV at the apparition of the final standings

"It's the best day of my life, the best week of my life. I have done a great performance during the whole week, not just tonight. Tonight, there were a couple of small errors in the program, but it was really hard to stay in the top from Monday until tonight. There was a lot of pressure, people talked a great deal of the battle between Brian Joubert and Stéphane Lambiel, so it was hard to keep the head up and to keep concentrated in the program. Now I'm so happy, because with this medal I thank all the people who have participated in the preparation, who have helped me. Without them I wouldn't be here. I'm the happiest man in the world and I hope that all the people who are close to me feel the joy that I have inside of me."
Shortly after the medal ceremony

"My two quads came from the sky."

"I didn't have any doubts when I began the free program, I had such a strong mind and I really wanted to do well."

"With will you can do so much, and here I have succeeded with my challenge."

"It's the first [medal], it's the most beautiful and it is not the last!"

"Je suis Champion du monde! I'm World Champion! Я Чемпион Мира!"
A few words that he had to repeat many times to begin to believe it

"Russia, to me, is the country of figure skating. Practically all the greatest champions are Russians, and I have become World Champion in Moscow. It's an honor for me to have won this medal here, on this rink, in front of a Russian crowd that has encouraged me and helped me win this medal.
I don't know if I am a star, but it's true that the solicitations are huge at the moment. I try to enjoy that to the fullest, because I don't think that I will have the opportunity to spend days like this for a long time. It's a pure moment of happiness for me.
I'm a bit tired, I have slept for an hour, maybe one hour and a half last night. I was so proud of myself that I wanted to share this victory with my fan club, my family, my friends who have come here, who have encouraged and supported me. I have been skating for 13 years and for 13 years they have been with me and we have won these World Championships together. So we had a party.
This world title, it's a childhood dream that I have had for so long. Today my dream came true, so now I have to put up new goals and go back to work quite fast so I can be on top for the Olympic Games next year."
Friday night

"Спасибо, спасибо, спасибо, спасибо…" [Thank you, thank you, thank you…]
Sunday at the end of his exhibition program

"I have experienced something quite incredible, I was so happy that I didn't even want to sleep, I wanted to enjoy every moment. Even if I hope to be World Champion again, I don't think that I will be that 50 times in my life, so I have to enjoy every minute of it. I have slept very little, perhaps ten hours in three nights, and I have had the exhibition, but that was great.
I realized the feat when I met the people who had travelled here to see me. My whole fan club has come and when I met them in the night from Thursday to Friday, I really let everything go, I realized the extent of the performance that I carried out here in Moscow.
[Question: In one year the Olympic Games will take place. This title changes the deal, from now on you are the favorite, the man to beat, the pressure will be on you. Does that change anything?]
The pressure, I will not have it, because I will not take it on me. I will simply work, because I am World Champion, but there were a couple of mistakes in the free. That has given me a lot to think about and I will set to work. You have to do a better performance than this to become Olympic Champion, but I will fight for it, I know that I can do it, I have to grab the opportunity."
Sunday night

"People shouldn't be afraid to fight. With work, the victory comes. Don't be afraid to sweat and one day, you will shine."
Advice from a young man to other young (and not so young) people

"There are really no words to describe what's happening here in Saxon. I know this hall from school parties, small things like that, and today they organize a celebration to welcome me home! I didn't expect this at all, so I would like to thank all the people for their presence and for the strength that they transmitted to me during the week in Moscow. I know that they kept their fingers crossed for me when I skated on Thursday night and they gave me so much energy that I think that I will have it for ever! I managed to stand firm in the battle thanks to the love people gave me and it is because they are so wonderful that I'm here tonight and that I would like to share my victory. Thank you very much to the organizers of this party, to the President of the municipality, thank you!
This night is one of the best moments in my short life and I hope it will be filled with even more moments like this. What really moves me is that the people are filled with love and that they cry out their happiness in every moment. It's incredible. I am very, very proud of myself, of my team, of my friends who have worked very hard with me. I would like to continue on this road and I will work hard to stay at the top of figure skating."
Wednesday night in Saxon

"I think this was the dream that I had when I started skating. I simply worked to be the best, to carry out the skating that I had in my head. It's true that today I'm World Champion, but there is still a lot of work left before I reach the level of which I have always dreamt."

"Besides the athletic aspects of figure skating, there is a spectacle side of it that I love. To do my choreography, to create my programs, to design my costumes, to choose the music: those are the things that complete my sport and that make me love it."

"I know who my real friends are, because they have been there since the beginning. They will stay."

"I'm not afraid to sweat and I will sweat even more to stay at the top. I will do everything to stay World Champion. Figure skating is my life and that will not change."

What some of the closest have said

Peter Grütter
"I will be calm the whole time, because I know that he will do his best. I can always count on Stéphane and that makes me feel confident."
Before the World Championships

"Today, I got the confirmation that he is a genius."
After the qualifications

"Since the qualifications, I don't sleep. I think about all the possible situations, about all the options. On Tuesday I even forgot to eat!"
Before the free program

"After so many years in my career, it's fantastic to have a student that realizes the dreams of others. To find someone like this among your students, that is to have a lot, a lot of luck."

"If you take the first letters in his first name and surname, it makes ste(l)la, that means star."

Cédric Monod
"It's so easy to work with Stéphane. He is a genius, this boy! It's not work, it's only pleasure, so much pleasure."

"We will begin to think about the new programs soon. Knowing Stéphane, I think we will have to plan more than one, in case he does the same as this season after the European Championships. We'll need to have something ready in store if he wants to change a program between two competitions.
Now we have to let all the emotions calm down a little bit and then we will sit down at a table to discuss and to find out exactly where we want to go and especially how we want to get there."
Sunday night, with regard to the next season

Fernande Lambiel
"I don't know what to answer. I'm very, very moved. My dream has come true. I have always dreamt of this moment, and look, it has finally come."
A couple of hours after Stéphane's victory

Remo Sargenti
"He is so happy to be here, and it's such a joy for us to see him that happy. It's our greatest satisfaction, it's our salary."
Wednesday night in Saxon

Heard on Thursday March 17, in Saxon (Stéphane's hometown), before Stéphane's skate:
"I am very, very, very tense, I can't even drink a glass of Fendant! I feel sick, it's terrible!"

"We're not celebrating the fall [of Brian Joubert], we're simply ready to celebrate Stéphane's victory, because he will show everybody that he is the best in the world."

How do you do to control your nerves and your tension?
"I have put on a pair of special braces tonight, so that my heart doesn't jump out of my body."

"I'm extremely nervous, very shaky, but nevertheless confident."

And after the free program:
"It was a long program, but we stayed confident to the very end."
Christophe, Stéphane’s brother

"You can't accomplish anything better, it's the height!"

"We are flitting along, these are some magical moments..."

A couple of other, quite special, messages:

"I am thrilled for you, Stéphane, keep up like that! I am sure that the whole country is proud of you, and even I, in the US, had the chance to watch your performance on TV. I hope we'll meet again soon. Until then, ciao!"
Roger Federer

"I would like to thank Stéphane, because he's a wonderful example for the youth. It's fantastic for Saxon, it's fantastic for the canton of Valais, it's fantastic for our whole population. Thank you Stéphane!"
Claude Roch, State representative of Valais

"The problem with him, it's a little bit like the problem I have with Federer. They are brilliant, intelligent, good-looking and, moreover, they win. It's very hard to poke fun at this kind of people!"
Yann Lambiel, imitator from Valais, when asked if he will include Stéphane in his repertoire

To the 2005 Swiss World Champion, Stephane Lambiel
Congratulations on your title. I enjoyed your skating very much and wish you lots more success!
From Hans Gerschwiler, the 1947 Swiss World Champion

Not to forget...
"One day Lambiel will be World Champion."
Evgeni Plushenko, at the beginning of February at Art on Ice
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Сообщение катюша » Чт апр 03, 2008 18:47

О,НИКА! Какая ностальгия...
Сколько времени прошло...сколько в моей жизни произошло событий...
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Сообщение Stefani » Чт апр 03, 2008 18:51

Всё равно ничего не понятно... :(
Кто ищет, тот всегда найдёт. (с)
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Сообщение Ника » Чт апр 03, 2008 19:02

Stefani, "непонятно" в смысле "перевод нужен"? :)
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Сообщение Stefani » Чт апр 03, 2008 19:08

Ага. :D
Кто ищет, тот всегда найдёт. (с)
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Сообщение ***GESTIRN*** » Чт апр 03, 2008 19:26

да можно и на инглише почитать, общий смысл понятен... просто долго это (( :(
17 августа-Рафа выигрывает Олимпийские Игры в Пекине.
18 августа-он стал теннисистом №1 в мире
1 февраля 2009- Рафа выигрывает свой первый Australian Open и становится 1 испанцем, которому удалось выиграть этот ТБШ
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Сообщение anneta » Чт апр 03, 2008 21:00

Девочки, это интервью начала 2006 года. Это первая часть. Вторую может переведу чуть позже - если захотите :wink:

Фигурное катание - прима среди зимних видов спорта. В связи с ним на ум приходят чудесные, безупречные вращения Стефана Ламбьеля. Во всем – от положения пальцев при прыжке до блёсток на роскошном костюме – Чемпион мира и возможный триумфатор Олимпиады остается эстетом с железной волей и непревзойденным обаянием.

Окруженный аурой изысканного «Versace Jeans Couture», Стефан Ламбьель скользит по Salle Omnisports 2 университета Лозанны, расположенного прямо на берегу Женевского озера. Гибкость движений, индивидуальность в каждом проявлении выгодно отличают его от остальных студентов. На статной фигуре отлично смотрится подобранный с удивительным вкусом комплект, состоящий из причудливых брюк оливкового цвета, красной водолазки с кожаными вставками и квадратной сумки через плечо. Ему нравится Гуччи: «Очень, очень шикарно и в то же время вполне повседневно». Облегающие модели от Hedi Slimane в журналах выглядят довольно интересно, однако не подходят Стефану из-за его слишком развитой мускулатуры ног. Его костюмы выглядят почти шокирующе, однако пока ему удается оставаться в гармонии с окружающим миром. «Я не желаю быть властелином вселенной».

Ламбьелю удается превратить обыкновенный спортивный зал в площадку для творчества. Одетый в спортивный костюм, фигурист упорно крутит педали тренажера. Между тем, Majda Scharl, менеджер и тренер по спортивной подготовке, уже соорудила из матов, троса, батута и шведской стенки полосу препятствий, напоминающую паркурную трассу. Звучит Вивальди, музыка из произвольной программы. С первыми же аккордами Ламбьель занимает исходную позицию, преодолевает барьеры, взмывает в воздух, исполняет пируэты. Кажется, будто в помещении стало светлее. Велосипедисты, которые до этого момента безотрывно смотрели на монитор компьютера, теперь дружно повернули свои головы.
В течение 4 минут 30 секунд произвольной программы необходимо справиться с сумасшедшим сердцебиением (более 190 ударов в минуту!). Перед Олимпиадой запланированы 2 функциональные тренировки и 10 тренировок на льду, каждая длиной 2 часа. В перерывах – массаж для расслабления 4-главой мышцы: боль в колене не должна помешать исполнению олимпийской программы.

Где бы ни находился «маленький принц», ему всегда с блеском удается использовать возможности пространства. Как будто у пространства Ламбьеля вообще нет стен. Во время московского первенства мира 2005 года радость новоиспеченного чемпиона ворвалась в каждый уголок его родной страны. Ламбьель – швейцарец? Но… фигурист? Да какая разница! Его благородный облик исполнен величавости, не свойственной людям его возраста. Под сверкающим костюмом скрывается не только тело атлета, но и страстная душа.
С самого начала олимпийского сезона СМИ освещают каждый шаг Ламбьеля, «NBColympics.com» даже выставили в сети его семейный альбом. В споре за звание «Спортсмена года» и «Швейцарца года в категории Спорт» его опередил гонщик Tom Lüthi. Данное недоразумение можно объяснить только тем, что члены жюри, по всей вероятности, слишком много смотрят «Lüthi und Blanc». Разве Стефан Ламбьель не является чем-то большим, чем просто спортсмен? Он – замечательный атлет, танцор, художник на льду, эстет, оригинал и поистине харизматическая личность.

«Сначала я сжимаюсь, затем постепенно начинаю раскрываться, как цветок, позволяя эмоциям вырваться на свободу» - именно так Ламбьель описывает свои знаменитые вращения: из глубины, из сидячего положения он расцветает, переходя постепенно в позицию стоя – с неизменным изяществом и захватывающей дух скоростью. Вращения ближайшего конкурента – Евгения Плющенко – в сравнении с ламбьелевскими пируэтами обладают грацией письменного стола (хотя у россиянина, безусловно, есть другие преимущества).

Во «Временах года» в интерпретации панк-скрипача Nigel Kennedy я услышал… ржание – сообщает Ламбьель, сидя в крошечной комнатке лазаннского спорткомплекса. Для него совершенно нормально, что в его произвольной программе на музыку Вивальди появилась лошадь. Он представлял, как зебра проносится сквозь времена года, а оформлению образа способствовал полосатый герой диснеевского «Мадагаскара».

Международное выступление перед Олимпиадой: Токио, с 15го по 17е декабря, финал гран-при, участвуют сильнейшие фигуристы мира: Стефан Ламбьель, Эммануэль Сандю, Джефри Баттл. Евгений Плющенко, правда, отсутствует из-за болезни (грипп). А где же Джонни Вейр и Брайан Жубер? Ламбьелевский тройной Аксель в самом начале программы уже через секунду завершается в горизонтальном положении – прямо перед судейскими пультами. Три балла штрафа. Таково суровое наказание за падение на прыжке. Но про это надо забыть – и Ламбьель снова на ногах, снова окунается в музыку, исполняет шаги и вращения, снова вызывает восхищение зрителей. Стефан вкладывает всего себя в каждое движение, играючи исполняет сложнейший каскад – четвертной тулуп-тройной тулуп, взмывает в воздух словно элегантная зебра, чудесным образом создает бабочку на льду, с помощью языка тела передает в своей дорожке шагов весь холод зимы Вивальди и, наконец, «Fleur Lambiel» («Цветок Ламбьеля») расцветает в финальных вращениях красно-оранжевыми и черно-белыми полосами. Японцы в восторге, долго не отпускают его – кажется, что Стефан собирается поклониться каждому зрителю на трибунах. Затем – быстрый «привет божьей коровки» таким далеким сейчас фанатам на западе. Ламбьель становится победителем. Сандю лишь на четвертом месте.

Хореограф Саломе Брюннер и тренер Петер Грюттер кажутся волшебными феями, приносящими победу. «Все члены моей команды появились из сказки», - мечтательно говорит Ламбьель. Далее следует объяснение любви к дорогой маман: «Я обязан ей всем. Именно она – последняя, кому я дарил цветы – розы, красные розы!» Вот уже год тренер по физподготовке является его «второй мамой». Саломе Брюннер он называет «богиней». Своего тренера Петера Грюттера он считет «Родителем или этаким мужским божеством».
Каковы отношения Стефана с девушками? На протяжении двух последних сезонов он встречался с симпатичной итальянской фигуристкой Каролиной Костнер. Грюттер поражался галантности своего подопечного. Он же назвал Стефана «le Patron». «Я люблю покомандовать», - озорно говорит Ламбьель.

В детстве Стефан проявлял сверхактивность. Он сам усмирил ее, когда в семилетнем возрасте отправился вместе с сестрой на курсы фигурного катания. Мама пыталась уговорить сына заняться хоккеем. Но фигурное катание предлагало гораздо больше: прыжки, вращения, различные скорости, ледовую сцену, на которой можно разыграть целый спектакль. После настойчивых уговоров она согласилась записать Стефана в группу Петера Грюттера. Каждое утро она возила его на тренировки из Saxon (Мартини) в Женеву – юное дарование, облаченное в пижаму, в это время спало на заднем сиденье автомобиля.
Работать со Стефаном – большая привилегия, считает Грюттер. – Он гениальный, самобытный, эмоциональный атлет.
Особенное событие? Незадолго до Чемпионата Европы в Лазанне умер Jack Gerschwiler, первый швейцарский чемпион мира. До выступления на первенстве Ламбьель был в неважной форме. Но в те дни Gerschwiler помогал ему с небес – не сговариваясь, заявляют Ламбьель и Грюттер.
Однако Ламбьель не всегда безупречен: «Теперь во время тренировок он реже «мечет громы и молнии» (рвет и мечет), чем прежде, - говорит Грюттер. – Раньше после неудачного прыжка он так колотил лезвиями по льду, что почти отлетало крепление. Теперь честолюбивый Стефан старается проявлять разочарование более утонченно – «награждает Вивальди неким «экзотическим» жестом или начинает громко возмущаться». Или: Во время одной из функциональных тренировок в Лазанне он оказался на полу. Словно лежащий на спине жук он болтал руками и ногами и кричал: «Срочно худеть!!!» Борьба с лишним весом – дело нелегкое. Вы спросите, откуда в этом весящем всего 63 кг теле лишний вес? Дело в том, что для прыжков на льду каждый грамм может оказаться лишним, а Стефан – большой любитель сладких «божьих коровок»
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Сообщение Steta » Чт апр 03, 2008 21:10

Ника,это просто клад какой-то. Клад счастья. А это где все было напечатано? А "Я чемпион мира"и "спасибо,спасибо,спасибо,спасибо"
он по-русски говорит? :D
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Сообщение Jessy_ka » Чт апр 03, 2008 21:15

классная статья, anneta, пасиба :)
видно, что писали от души, с теплом
особенно мне это понравилось
Вращения ближайшего конкурента – Евгения Плющенко – в сравнении с ламбьелевскими пируэтами обладают грацией письменного стола

а когда я представила себе вот это:
Словно лежащий на спине жук он болтал руками и ногами и кричал: «Срочно худеть!!!»

то просто оказалась пацстолом :lol2: :lol2:
Я ни на что не надеюсь.
Я ничего не боюсь.
Я свободна.
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Сообщение Vik » Чт апр 03, 2008 21:53

anneta писал(а):Девочки, это интервью начала 2006 года. Это первая часть. Вторую может переведу чуть позже - если захотите :wink:

Оригинал выкладывайте, пожалуйста.
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Сообщение anneta » Чт апр 03, 2008 22:04

Vik писал(а):
anneta писал(а):Девочки, это интервью начала 2006 года. Это первая часть. Вторую может переведу чуть позже - если захотите :wink:

Оригинал выкладывайте, пожалуйста.

Не проблема. Он немецкий.
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Сообщение anneta » Чт апр 03, 2008 22:09

Читайте и наслаждайтесь! :P Кстати, дак переводить остаток-то?

Eiskunstlauf ist die Diva unter den Wintersportarten in Turin. Und keiner schraubt sich schöner und schneller ins Auge als Stéphane Lambiel. Von der Fingerhaltung bei den Pirouetten bis zum letzten Funkelstein auf seinem üppigen Kostüm: Der Weltmeister und mögliche Olympiasieger ist ein Ästhet, mit eisernem Willen und vor allem Charisma.
Mit einer Aura der Duftnote «Versace Jeans Couture» bahnt sich Stéphane Lambiel durch den Salle Omnisports 2, Université de Lausanne, wunderbarste Lage unmittelbar am Genfersee, und hebt sich wohltuend von der sporttreibenden Studentenmasse ab: geschmeidig im Gang, individuell in der ganzen Erscheinung. Zum seltenen Duftkombiniert der 1.76 Meter grosse Tanzathlet olivfarbene Abenteuerhosen, einrotes Bikkembergs-T-Shirt mit Ledereinsatz, ein quadratisches Gucci-Täschli über den Schultern. Er sei ein bisschen Fashion-Victim, gesteht Lambiel, habe aber derzeit keine Zeit für Shoppingtouren. Gucci Men würde ihm gefallen, très, très chic – different et en même temps habillant - different Die hautenge Mode von Hedi Slimane sehe in den Magazinen zwar interessant aus, stehe ihm aber nicht(die Beinmuskulatur). Er möge es, mit dem Outfit zu schockieren, so weit, dass es mit der Umgebung aber gerade noch harmoniere. «Je n’aime pas être un monsieur-tout-le-monde!» Lambiel hat die Sporthalle in einen künstlerischen Spielplatz umfunktioniert. Im Arbeitsanzug ist er fleissig in die Pedalen eines Hometrainers getreten. Derweil Majda Scharl, Managerin und Konditionstrainerin, einen Parcours aus Matten, Ringseilen, Trampolinen und Schwedenbarren ausgesteckt hat. Es erklingt Vivaldi, die Musik aus dem Kürprogramm. Mit dem ersten Ton rückt Lambiel in Position, springt über die Hürden, schraubt sich in die Luft, simuliert an Ringseilen Pirouetten. Der Ort scheint sich zu erhellen. Andere Fahrradfahrer, bislang auf einen Bildschirm fixiert, drehen ihre Köpfe. Dabei gilt es bloss,4.30 Kürminuten bei einer Herzfrequenz von 190 Schlägen locker auszuhalten. Bis zur Olympiade stehen zwei Konditions- und zehn Eistrainings à zwei Stunden pro Woche an, zwischendurch Massagen, um die vierköpfigen Schenkelstrecker(Quadrizeps) wieder zu lockern – wirbelt nicht eine leichte Knieverletzung wie letzthin das Programm durcheinander.
Wo immer sich der Eisprinz bewegt, nutzt er mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit die Möglichkeiten des Raums. Wobei Lambiels Räume keine Wände haben. Bei der Weltmeisterschaft in Moskau im März 2005 springt seine Siegesfreude bis in ferne helvetische Fernsehstuben. Lambiel – ein Schweizer? Aber Eiskunstlauf? Egal! Aus dem edel geformten Gesicht strahlt eine Grandezza, die für einen Zwanzigjähren einzigartig ist. Durchs Glitzerkostüm schimmert nicht nur ein athletischer Körper, sondern eine lebendige Seele. Seit Beginn der Olympiasaison berichten die Schweizer Medien über jede Regung Lambiels. «NBColympics.com» stellt sein Familienalbum ins Netz. Dass er bei den Wahlen zum «Sportler des Jahres» und «Schweizer des Jahres Kategorie Sport» von Töfffahrer Tom Lüthi überholt wurde, lässt sich nur damit erklären: Die «SF»-Jury schaut zuviel «Lüthi und Blanc». Fährt Stéphane Lambiel nicht mehrspuriger? Er ist Spitzenathlet, Tänzer, Künstler, Ästhet, Original und Charismatiker zugleich.
«Je suis toujours pressé, vers le haut et vers l’émotion, vers l’expression, comme une fleur qui s’épanouit»" Я сжат всегда, сверху и к волнению, к выражению, как цветок, который расцветает ", dichtet Lambiel. Und beschreibt damit seine bekannteste Pirouettenabfolge: von tief unten in einer Sitzposition blüht er zu einer Stehposition auf –immer geschmeidig und mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit. Dagegen haben die Drehungen von Evgeni Plushenko, seinem engsten Konkurrenten, zuweilenden Charme eines Bürostuhls (wobei der Russe natürlich andere Qualitäten hat).
«In Vivaldis ‚Vier Jahreszeiten’ hörte ich in der Interpretation des Geigen-Punks Nigel Kennedy ein Wiehern», sagt Lambiel in einem Kämmerchen der Lausanner Sportanlage. Im Kürprogramm aber ein Pferd vorzuführen, sei ihm zu normal gewesen. In einem Traum fliegt schliesslich ein Zebra durch die «Vier Jahreszeiten». Zuvor ist ihm ein gestreiftes Tier beim Disney-Film «Madagaskar» begegnet.
Der internationalste Auftritt vor der Olympiade: Tokio, 15. bis 17. Dezember, Grand-Prix-Finale unter den sechs besten Eiskunstläufer der Welt. Stéphane Lambiel, Emanuel Sandhu, Jeffrey Buttle, Evgeni Plushenko fehlt wegen Grippe. Wo sind Johnny Weir und Brian Joubert? Lambiels Dreifachaxel gleich zu Programmbeginn endet in der Horizontalen auf dem Eisboden – vor den Richterpulten der Jury. Drei Punkte Abzug. Als ob Sprungstürze dazugehörten («bats-toi, weiter!»), sofort wieder hinein in die Musik, in den Schritt, indie Zuschauer. Dann legt Lambiel sein ganzes Ich in jede einzelne Bewegung, geigt die Vierfachtoeloop-Dreifachtoeloop-Kombination spielerisch hin, fliegt mit angezogenem Bein wie ein elegantes Zebra durch die Luft, zaubert einen spannungsreichen Butterfly aufs Eis, vertreibt bei den «Straight Line Steps» mit körperlicher Eloquenz alle Kälte aus dem Vivaldi-Winter und erblüht mit derSchlusspirouette zur «Fleur Lambiel» mit glitzernden Rotorange-Schwarzweiss-Streifen. Die Japaner kreischen – und es ist, als würde sich Lambiel vor jedem einzelnen Zuschauer verneigen. Via TV-Kameras schickt er mit den Fingern noch schnell den Marienkäfergruss an eingeweihte Fans im Westen. Lambiel hat sich auf den ersten Platz vorgekuft. Sandhu stürzt auf Rang vier ab.

Choreografin Salomé Brunner und Trainer Peter Grütter wirken bei den Wettkämpfen an den Banden wie zwei Glücksfeen. «Alle aus meinem Team kommen aus einem Märchen», romantisiert Lambiel. Eine Liebeserklärungen gilt an dieser Stelle seiner Maman: «Ihr verdanke ich alles. Ihr habe ich die letzten Blumen geschenkt, Rosen, rouges, très rouges!» Seit einem Jahr ist Konditionstrainerin Majda Scharl «la deuxième maman». Salomé Brunner nennt er «La Déesse, die Göttin».Seinen Trainer Peter Grütter bezeichnet er als «Parent oder eine Art männliche Göttin». Lambiels Verhältnis zu Frauen? Für ein paar Saisons war er mit der hübschen italienischen Eiskunstläuferin Carolina Kostner liiert. Grütter bewundert er für seine Eleganz. Dieser wieder betitelt den Zwanzigjährigen mit «le Patron». «J’aime un peu diriger les choses» Я люблю руководить немного вещами, kommentiert Lambiel spitzbübisch.
Als Kind fiel Stéphane durch Hyperaktivität auf. Das Ventil dafür fand er, als er mit sieben Jahren die Schwester zum Eiskunstlaufkurs begleitete. Die Mutter versuchte noch, ihn vom Eishockey zu überzeugen. Doch Eiskunstlauf bietet mehr: Sprünge, Drehungen, unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeiten, eine dynamische Bühne, auf der man sich inszenieren kann. Bald fährt sie ihn auf sein Drängeln hin frühmorgens von Saxon nach Genf zum Eistraining mit Peter Grütter – die kleine Diva schläft während der Fahrt im Pyjama auf dem Rücksitz.
Es sei ein Privileg, mit Stéphane zu arbeiten, findet Grütter. Er sei ein genialer, eigenwilliger, hochsensibler Athlet. Ein besonderes Ereignis? Kurz vor der EM in Lausanne stirbt Jack Gerschwiler der erste Schweizer Weltmeister. Lambiel ist in schlechter Form, bis zu seinem glänzenden Auftritt. Da sei Gerschwiler von oben herab mit im Spiel gewesen, empfanden Lambiel und Grütter unabhängig voneinander. Doch Lambiel kann auch«grobstofflicher» sein: Anders als früher sei er heute im Training weniger«Blitz und Donner», sagt Grütter. Früher habe er nach einem misslungenen Sprung so heftig mit den Kufen gegen die Banden gehämmert, dass sich beinahe die Schrauben lösten. Heute sublimiert der Ehrgeizige einen Trainingsfrust, «indem er ‚Vivaldi’ plötzlich einen exotischen Touch gibt, eine Klamauk-Nummer zutanzen beginnt.» Oder: Während des Konditionstrainings in Lausanne wirft er sich auf einmal zu Boden. Wie ein umgefallener Käfer wirbelt er mit Armen und Beinen herum und ruft «Fett weg, Fett weg!». Eine süsse Fettaustreibungszeremonie, bei der einige Gramm verbrannt werden sollen. Man fragt sich zwar, wo an diesem63 Kilo leichten Körper Fett versteckt sein könnte. Aber für die Sprünge aufdem Eis ist jedes Gramm zuviel und bei Süssigkeiten wie Marienkäferbonbons kann Lambiel ziemlich undiszipliniert sein.
«Je suis mon style à moi.» Das gilt besonders auch für Lambiels Tanzkostüme. Wobei jeder Eiskunstläufer versucht, mit einem ganz persönlichen Stil aufzufahren. Plushenko trägt bei Kür wie Kurzprogramm noch die schwarzen Catsuits derletzten Saison aus. Brian Joubert bevorzugt halbe Ritterrüstungen, bei der EM in Lyon gar ein genietetes Plastikteil. Ausgesprochen beweglich bei der Garderobe zeigt sich der elegante Emanuel Sandhu. Zum grossen Sieg fehlte dem begnadeten Tänzer allerdings das Nervenkostüm. Alle würden sie in Lambiels Zebraanzug komisch aussehen. Es sei schon ein bisschen gewagt (отважиться), sagt Lambiel mit Funkelaugen.
«Man muss die ganze Figur sehen, nicht nur das Kostüm»: Die Schneiderin und ehemalige Tänzerin Pascale Müller versucht die Übersicht über die Fantasien ihres speziellsten Kunden, Stéphane Lambiel, zu wahren. Fünf Wochen vor dem Grand Prix in Peking anfangs November erhielt sie einen Anruf: Er wisse bereits, was er wolle!, sagte Lambiel: Die Hosen aus dem schwarzen Lycra-Samt (in dieser Dehnbarkeit ganz schwierig zu finden, normalerweise erst nach einer Lieferfrist von einem halben Jahr erhältlich, weshalb Müller von Lambiels Lieblingsstoff immer etwas an Lager hat). Das Oberteil erzählt die Geschichte von einem Zebra, fährt Lambiel fort, vorne schwarzweiss gestreift, hinten orangerotschwarz, der orangerote und schwarze Unistoff an den Oberarmen soll mit einem Einsatz in Eisoptik bis zu den Fingern reichen, um Handschuhe zu simulieren. Und es mussgehörig funkeln: Für die Arme werden Strasssteine in sieben Blautönen ausgewählt: Königsblau, Hyacinth, Saphire, Capribleu, Cristall Aurore Boreale, zwei verschiedene Metallhellblau. Hinzu sollen drei Eiskristalle kommen. Man einigt sich auf zwei – einen kleinen am Bein, einen grossen an der Taille. Sie sollen aus kleinen Kristallen sein, die alle Farben in sich vereinen, in alle Richtungen glänzen. Kurz vor dem Abflug nach Peking bringt Pascale Müller das Kostüm nach Lausanne. Nach Lambiels Rückkehr in die Schweiz klebt sie die zweite Hälfte des grossen Eiskristalls auf. Dessen 1187 Steine haben bislang alle Dreifachaxel-Stürze überlebt.
Ebenso ins Detail geht Lambiel für seinen tänzerischen Ausdruck. Er ist ständig auf Körperrecherche. Mehrmals besuchte er bei Plushenkos Trainer Alexei Mishin Sommerworkshops in Spanien. Dort soll er vor allem gelernt haben, dass Peter Grütter für ihn der beste Trainer sei. In Lausanne nahm er bei Philippe Saire einen Kurs in zeitgenössischem Tanz. Für den Chef der Compagnie Philippe Saire eine eindrückliche Erfahrung: «Lambiels Forderungen (требования, претензии) an sich selbst sind schrecklich, beinahe wahnsinnig (сумасшедшие), aber bemerkenswert. Er will jeden neuen Schritt sofort beherrschen. In seinen Bewegungen ist er dann sehr elegant. Il est génereux quand il danse.» Im Hinblick aufs klassische Kürprogramm suchte Lambiel im Sommer Dieter Ammann auf, Ballettlehrer am Opernhaus Zürich. Die Grundlagen des klassischen Tanzes interessieren ihn, die Linienführung von Arabesquen beispielsweise. Ammann staunt über die «unglaubliche Aufnahmefähigkeit». Der Mann sei genial, sagt er. Vor Saisonbeginn wollte Lambiel kurzfristig noch Unterricht bei Saire und Ammann nehmen, doch der eine war in Frankreich, der andere leider in Japan.
Im Atelier eines Berliners hängt ein Autogramm von Lambiel. Im aargauischen Niederbipp wünscht sich ein Rodolfo nichts weniger, als dem sympathischen Stéphane mit der sexy Figur einmal kurz gegenübersitzen zu dürfen. In Luzern schwärmt ein Mann aufs Stichwort «Lambiel» von dessen Laufstil, der Grazie bei der Ausführung jeder Bewegung, von dieser schieren Göttlichkeit. Lambiel sei für ihn als Typ attraktiver als Plushenko, findet Dirk Jung. Der deutsche Journalist und bekennende Homosexuelle ist dem Phänomen, warum Eiskunstläufer so interessant für schwule Männer sein könnten, nach gegangen. «Ich erlaube mir hier zu sagen, wegen der anmutigen Gesichtszüge, der prallen Pos dieser Männer im Strumpf, die sich geschmeidig zur Musik bewegen. Aber das dürfte auch aus Frauenperspektiveinteressant sein.» Unter den wenigen Männern, die sich normalerweise für Eiskunstlauf interessierten, seien vermutlich die meisten Homosexuelle und/oder Künstler. Das Klischee, wonach alle tanzenden Männer etwas «angehaucht» seien, führt er auf die Erziehung in der westlichen Welt zurück: Mädchen lernen wie Models laufen, schön einen Schritt vor den anderen, während Buben vorab breitbeinige Positionen üben. Im Gegensatz zu den Fussballern müssten sich Eiskunstläufer fast als Heteros outen.
Wie Stéphane Lambiel dazu steht, so viele homosexuelle Verehrer zu haben? «Je mehr Publikum ich habe, desto besser», meint er kurz und knapp. Das erotischste Geschenk, das ihm jemals zugeflogen ist? «Erotische Geschenke habe ich bis jetzt nicht viele bekommen. Das schönste ist jeweils der Marienkäferkuchen, den meine Webmasterin Céline an die Wettkämpfe bringt.»
Aber dieser Dreifachaxel, der in Wirklichkeit ein Dreieinhalbfachaxel ist und der schwierigster Sprung überhaupt: Der Läufer springt von vorne ab und landet Drehungen später – falls alles gut geht – mit dem Körper rückwärts auf dem Eis. Der Norweger Axel Paulsen hat nie genau rekonstruieren können, wie er ihn 1882 «erfunden» hat. Bei der EM Mitte Januar 2006 springt ihn Evgeni Plushenko, als wär’s das reinste Kinderspiel. Lambiel dagegen missglückt er im Kurzprogramm einmal mehr, wofür er sich beim Publikum fast zu entschuldigen scheint.«Da haben sie endlich ihren Axel», faucht Peter Grütter via «NZZ am Sonntag»,nachdem ihn sein Schützling beim Kürprogramm steht.
«Gute Läuferfliegen nicht, sie tauchen nur», findet Grütter. Und der Schöngeist regt an: Warum nicht neben den bremsenden Kantenwechsel zusätzlich die Geschwindigkeit der Pirouetten benoten? Lambiel wirbelt mit zirka 200 Umdrehungen pro Minute um die eigene Achse. Hätte man «SteLa», wie Grütter das Blumenbouquet nennt, patentieren sollen respektive können? Neben der Biellmann-Pirouette eine Lambiel-Pirouette? Lässt sich ein Lambiel fassen? Jedenfalls werden Elementeseiner Kunst längst kopiert.
Ist Plushenko sprungsicherer, weil er sich länger auf den Absprung konzentriert und dabei signalisiert, seht alle her, jetzt hebe ich dann gleich ab? Dagegen fülltLambiel die Vorbereitungsphase mit Schritten im vollkommenen Einklang zur Musikund scheint den Absprung bis zum letzten Moment hinauszuzögern. Überhauptbesticht Lambiel durch seine Musikalität. Die Bewegungen, die aus dem Vulkan Plushenko sprudeln, sind manchmal etwas neben dem Takt. Aber wieso die beiden Laufstile und Temperamente auch vergleichen. Plushenko kokettiert von den Hüften aus mit dem Publikum, Lambiel küsst es während dem Tanzen aus ganzer Seele. In der Olympiasaison tritt der Russe nur zweimal offiziell auf: in de rHeimatstadt St. Petersburg und an der EM in Lyon. Alle Energien werden für den Auftritt in Turin gespart. Olympiagold ist denn auch das Einzige, was dem23jährigen noch fehlt (In Salt Lake City schnapptem ihm Erzrivale Alexei Yagudin die Goldmedaille weg.). Der Schweizer dagegen reist nach New York, Peking, St. Petersburg, Tokio, Lyon. Im Dezember studiert Lambiel zwischen Gala-Auftritten, Schweizer Meisterschaft und Grand-Prix-Finale zwei neue Schaulaufnummern mit Salomé Brunner ein. Ein Insider meint, vielleicht würde er in Turin noch ein neues Kurzprogramm hervorzaubern. Jedenfalls feierte beim letzten Auftritt ein neues Kurzprogramm-Kostüm Premiere. Zudem redet Lambiel davon, dieses Jahr neben dem Eiskunstlauf ein Studium starten zu wollen: Design, Theater oder Hotelfachschule soll es sein.
In Lyon schaut Lambiel demütig vom zweiten Podestplatz zum unberührbaren Plushenko hoch. Dass er dort in aller Öffentlichkeit an den eigenen Erwartungen fast zerbrochen istund sich vor ein paar Tagen bei einem Trainingssturz noch eine leichte Knieverletzung zugezogen hat, darf als gutes Zeichen gewertet werden: Vor seinem Weltmeistertitel in Moskau befand sich Lambiel ebenfalls in einem zittrig-chaotischen Zustand. Perfektionismus auf allen Ebenen treibt ihn zur Hochblüte. Und diese darf in Turin durchaus ein paar Stacheln zeigen.
«Ultimative»Fragen an Stéphane Lambiel in Lausanne kurz vor Turin:
Kannst du einmal ganz laut schreien?, frage ich, um eine Ahnung davon zu bekommen, was es bedeuten könnte, Lambiel sei im Training manchmal «Blitz und Donner», nie aber in der Öffentlichkeit.
Reaktion: Tiefes Löwengebrüll im Raum, das in sanftes Lachen übergeht.
Woher kommt deine kreative Energie?
«Vielleicht durch all die Reisen. Dabei versuche ich immer, alles ganz genau wahrzunehmen, die Farben, die Formen, die Düfte – und überlege viel.»
Woran glaubst du?
«An eine Kraft, die nicht menschlich ist. Sie ist immer überall. Man kann sie ständig kontaktieren.»
Drehst du dich mit den Pirouetten in eine Art Glück oder Trance?
«Pirouetten sind hoch anstrengend. Glücklicher machen mich Sprünge oder das Gleiten über die Eisfläche. Die Figur des Grand Aigle finde ich sehr befreiend.»
Welches ist dein Lieblingssprung?
«Der vierfache Toeloop. (Allein im Kürprogramm gibt’s zwei Vierfach-, zwei Dreifach- sowie einen Zweifachtoeloop.) Den Dreifachaxel mag ich auch. Ich liebe das Risiko!»
Was macht einen guten Athleten aus?
«Die Leidenschaft für das, was er tut.»
Zu welcher Musik möchtest du als nächstes tanzen?
«Vielleicht zum letzten Stück des Albums ‚O’ von Damien Rice? Das ist so schön deprimierend(zieht den Körper nach unten).»
Zum Schluss sei hier noch ein kleines Geheimnis verraten: Irgendwo am Kürkostüm sind olympische Ringe eingenäht, «so, dass es niemand sieht, un secret», sagt Lambiel. Vielleicht beim Herz, wo zu Beginn der Saison noch ein schwarzer Fleck war, bevor er mit einem weissen Zebrastreifen überdeckt worden ist?
Olympiagold verdient er. Jedoch: Eiskunstlauf bedeutet Risiko – Glatteis ist glitschig.
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